A properly installed roof with tiles can look amazing - and it can protect your property, but here’s the bad news… our expert roofers in Hitchin and Letchworth in Hertfordshire have seen a small number of pretty awful roof tile installations over the years done by other people.

From the DIY homeowner who decides to install their own roof tiles to the unethical roofer who is trying to make a quick buck, there are cases where house tiles have been improperly installed, including the installation of tiles for roofs that don’t match.

The downsides of mismatched tiles on your roof

There might be cases where you need to replace roof tiles and you can’t find the exact tile you have installed. This is understandable (and if you can’t find the right tile, get in touch with our professional roofers. We can help!).

What isn’t understandable is when roof repairs takes place and a half (or more) of the tiles are replaced with different tiles that don’t match and don’t look right.

On a basic level, this can impact how nice a property looks. Like the old car that has a rear door replaced and not painted, it looks out of place and can make what you have look unattractive.

A poor appearance, however, can be the least of your worries. Mismatching roof tiles can impact your property in many ways, which we have highlighted below:

Roofs with poor water flow

Roof tiles are designed to fit together in a way that allows water to run off them and into areas such as gutters and downpipes. Mismatched roof tile installations, however, can upset that flow of water run-off and increase the risk of standing water as well as water ingress into the roof lining. If this happens, then mould and dampness is likely to build up in the roof area, leading to potential damage.

Further roof and tile damage

Mismatched tiles also put pressure on the roof structure. Tiles that don’t fit properly are more likely to become dislodged, allowing for debris and rain to enter the roof.

Even if they don’t become dislodged, a bad fit of tiles means gaps for rain, moss and other elements to enter through.

Loose tiles also carry a risk of them falling onto anyone or anything below. This is a health and safety hazard and should be fixed straight away by professional roofers.

If you are getting a quote from someone for roof repairs, make sure that you get the right replacement tiles. If you are in any doubt at all, give us a call and we would be happy to provide our thoughts.

At Roofsmart, we only provide the highest level of roof repairs and tiling. Our work is built to last and we want you to be proud of your home and how safe it is. For more information, get in touch.

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