3 reasons you should get your gutters cleaned!

With the wooshing and the swishing sounds of the leaves falling off the trees and the creaking of drainpipes and guttering as they struggle to cope with the rain, blocked by moss and other debris… it’s surely time to think about…

… shock, horror…


and even more scarily about…

… yes, you’ve guessed it…

… cleaning those gutters!

Usually at this time of year, while kids lurk around front doors dressed as zombies and witches asking for sweets, a bigger danger lurks in the form of all sorts of less wanted nasties that are amassing in your gutter.

Spooky sticks, murderous moss and ghostly grime are just some of the unwanted characters that can try to cause chaos on your roof and in your guttering this October and, to make things worse, these unwanted ghouls will lurk around long after Halloween if you let them.

block gutters 

gutter cleaning

Before you give us a call to remove those gutter ghouls on our Ghostbusters hotline (which is 07908 522 649), here are some fun facts to enjoy this spooky season:

REAL Creepy Crawlies in your gutters

Spiders and other insects love gutters, especially when they contain standing water. In fact, blocked gutters and standing water is the perfect breeding ground for insects and other creepy crawlies.

Having your gutters cleaned regularly helps to keep insects away from breeding in them.

Toys in gutters

There have been many occurrences over the years of toys being found in gutters. We won’t get you worried, wondering what the Halloween scare story is in this story. The scenario is fairly simple and less scary… kids love to throw their toys around and it’s not unusual for toys to end up being thrown out of bedroom windows, only to end up getting caught in the guttering.

What do you mean Barbie is in the drain?

We are ready to clean your...Gargoyles?

Ancient Romans and Greeks used gargoyles as their rain gutters. By fixing them to the end of a drainpipe, the gargoyles would divert the water away from buildings. We aren’t sure where they got the idea from but we are sure it wasn’t from watching Ghostbuster.

Luckily, modern drain systems today are much more effective and at Roof Smart, we use more modern cleaning techniques and equipment. There’s no need for gargoyles or ecto-plasma Ghostbuster style laser guns.

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Who are you going to call?

When it comes to clearing your gutters properly this Halloween season, there’s only one number to call and that’s us (sorry Dan Akroyd). At Roofsmart, we have the skills and expertise to make sure your roof and guttering is clear of any unwanted nasties all year round.

Call our gutter cleaners in Hertfordshire today.