Roof styles over the years in Hitchin and Letchworth

Over the years, roofing and the materials used on roofs have changed considerably. This has been due to a number of reasons including changing styles and tastes as well as improvements in processes and technologies which have allowed roofing companies to build safer, stronger and better-insulated roofs.

Roofs in Hitchin and Letchworth have been a part of this evolution and if you are looking for a roof builder in Hitchin or Letchworth then contact RoofSmart today.

Here’s a look at the different roof styles and how they have played a role in our past:

Thatched Roofs

Thatch roofs on houses are usually associated with old-style or rustic houses as well as cottages in local nearby villages. While Thatch roofs can look amazing, they require a lot more work and repairs (or re-thatching) than other roof types. In the modern era, thatch roofs are becoming less common and are certainly not featured in property new builds.

Thatched roofs will most likely be in use for many years to come but their adoption will be limited to certain locations and property styles.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs for properties didn’t become widely adopted in the UK until after the Second World War. There was a period of growth in the adoption of flat roofs before they became less fashionable.

One of the reasons for this was concerns over how long a flat roof lasts and how effective it is at removing rainwater, but some of these concerns were overplayed as flat roofs aren’t strictly flat. They have a gentle gradient or slope to allow water to drain off and modern flat roofs are lower cost to replace than many other forms of roofs.

Despite this, other roof types have become preferred over flat roofs and this trend is unlikely to change.

Roofs Using Slate and Clay Roof Tiles

Both slate and clay roofs can look better than a flat roof while being lower cost to install and maintain than a thatched roof. Individual slate or clay tiles that break can also be easily replaced, making them even more attractive.

Although clay tiles were originally introduced to the UK when the Romans invaded England in the 1st century AD, they stopped being used for many years before becoming popular again in the 12 and 13th centuries.

Today, modern processes for making clay tiles has improved their quality, removing issues that used to exist with clay tiles becoming warped during the firing process. This issue used to lead to leaky roofs… something that’s not ideal for anyone living in the Hitchin and Letchworth area!

Tiled roofs have become the predominant type of roof covering for properties in the beautiful Hitchin and Letchworth area and this trend is unlikely to change with new properties predominantly having tiled roofs as well. 

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