Here are the most common roofing problems (and how to solve them)


Keeping a roof over your head is important in so many ways, but issues can come up with a roof from time to time that need dealing with quickly. The type of issues can vary depending on the age of the roof, what type of roof you have and your surrounding environment.

Here are 10 common roofing problems, with tips for solving them

Drainage issues

The purpose of your drainage system is to carry rainwater away using the roof and guttering, but over time issues can occur. Blockages can lead to standing water that builds up and can cause damage to your roofing.

Most of the issues are caused by buildup of moss, leaves and other debris that end up in the guttering. As well as removing buildup of debris from the guttering, it’s also worth removing moss and debris every year from the roof.

Prevention is better than cure and removing build up in gutters is only a short-term solution until the next time it rains heavily. Moss can grow very quickly on a roof and if the roof is cleaned and moss is removed then your drainage system is more likely to stay unblocked for longer.

At Roofsmart, we provide roof and gutter cleaning to ensure your drainage doesn’t get blocked and your roof can stay protected for longer.

Shrinking of roof membrane

Your roof membrane acts as a barrier against extreme temperatures and weather. The membrane sits below your roof, but it can shrink if it’s exposed to excessive amounts of UV light, leading to cracks and blisters in your roof tiles.

Shrinkage of the membrane can be a result of the type and quality of the membrane, or the way it was installed. If you are seeing any roof shingles becoming loose then this could be due to the membrane shrinking. If you have any doubts or concerns, contact Roofsmart for an inspection.

Tree damage to roofs

Nearby trees can cause issues with the roof of your property. Not only do leaves and twigs block up your drainage (see earlier roofing problems), but larger branches can also cause damage to the roof structure when they fall onto the roof.

As the wind blows, moving branches on a tree can also rub against tiles, causing them to rub off and wear down the outer protective layer of the tiles.

Make sure to cut branches back regularly of any trees that are near to your property.

Bad ventilation

Damaged soffits and gutters can cause poor air ventilation. This can have a number of problems including the buildup of damp and moisture.

If you are experiencing poor ventilation, then repairs may be needed. It might be possible to undertake minor repairs yourself, but we recommend contacting professionals who can solve the issue for you.

Cracks and gaps appearing

Over time and with continuous battering from the elements, the risk of a roof suffering damage increases. This can include connecting parts wearing away, tiles becoming loose or main structures becoming cracked.

The common issues that result from this is a leakage of water into the property as well as a loss of heat in the winter.

It’s important to locate the issue and fix it as soon as possible. Even once a roof crack or picture is repaired, it might take several weeks for the area affected to dry out fully.

Poor roof installation

A badly installed roof can cause a number of issues and it’s surprising how often we come across this issue. If you have bought a property, for example, the previous owner might have tried to fix roof problems or re-install a new roof on a tight budget, either using a poor-quality installer or by doing it themselves.

At Roofsmart, we have many years of experience installing and fixing roofs, backed by our hundreds of happy customers. If you are experiencing a poor roof installation, call us immediately to understand what needs to be done to fix the issue.

Ageing roofs

Even if you aren’t suffering from water ingress or visible roof damage, it’s worth having your roof inspected. Damp and moisture can creep into the walls of a building and into the property without being obvious.

An ageing roof can also be a poor way to insulate your home and keep it warm.

Having a professional roofer examine your roof can help to identify any issues with an ageing roof.

Loose roof tiles

Badly installed tiles can come loose as a result of high winds, rain and other elements, but even a well installed roof can experience tiles coming loose over time. If you have loose roof tiles, make sure to have the situation fixed as quickly as possible.

Loose roofing tiles can be a hazard to anyone on the ground as well as increasing the potential for damage to your roof as rain and damp can enter the roof structure more easily.

Replace loose or broken tiles immediately.

Damaged flashing

Flashing is the material placed around objects that protrude from roofs, such as your chimney and roof vents. It’s designed to prevent water ingress by moving it away from seams where water runoff is greater.

If your flashing is damaged, then it can be replaced relatively easily and at a relatively low cost.

Broken and damaged mortar

Mortar plays a vital role in supporting the outer layer of your roof. If mortar cracks or breaks loose then it can fall away, increasing the strain on the roof structure it’s meant to support.

If roof mortar isn’t replaced or strengthened, then it can lead to considerable repair costs as other elements become damaged. It can also be dangerous as it might lead to other roof parts such as tiles falling to the ground.

Need help with your roof problems?

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