Make sure your roof looks amazing and your home is protected with these top roof tiling tips.


Roof tiles are a great way to make a home look fantastic and, if installed properly, they will provide many years of protection for your home from the wind, rain and whatever else the British weather throws at it.

How to make sure your roof is tiled properly - Top 10 Tips

1. Choose the right tiles for your home and surroundings

There are various types of tiles, made from different materials and that are different colours. Make sure to select the tiles that fit in with the style of your home and the surroundings.

You might, for example, use more modern looking roof tiles for a new home, compared to a darker more traditional roof tile for an older home located in the countryside.

If you aren’t sure which roof tiles are best, get in touch with Roofsmart and we would be happy to advise you, based on our many years of experience installing roof tiles.

2. Plan your roof tiling job first, install second

Before ordering any roof tiles and other materials, make sure to fully measure what space you are tiling, and be sure that you have enough of the right materials. Avoid if possible starting work and then having to put activities on hold because you didn’t order enough of the right materials.

At Roofsmart, we can advise you on what materials are needed.

3. Clear the roof - ready for tiling

Before doing any installation, strip the roof ready for tiling. Make sure that the roof rafters or trusses are clear of any splinters or old nails that may ruin the membrane. Before installing anything, it’s important to make the area as clear as possible.

4. Install the boarding

The next step is to roll out the sarking board if you're using it. Make sure to cover the full area and secure the boarding properly, starting at one side and working your way across. Also make sure to pull your chosen sarking taught from the other end to ensure it’s tight and water can’t leak through.

5. What is sarking board?

Sarking boards are softwood boards designed to fit on to roof rafters. Sarking boards provide additional strength to the building structure. Although sarking boards are not a requirement on all buildings, they are commonly used in areas of high rainfall or in environments where torrential rain and high winds are commonplace

6. Get the roof tile spacing right

Next we need to work out the title spacing. Place the tiles loosely onto the roof without nailing them in, and adjust the gaps between the buttons. Once you are happy with the spacing and the overhang, you can start to install the tiles.

7. Ensure sufficient overhang

There’s no exact measurement for this but, if the overhang is too much then there’s a risk of rain water misses the gutters, especially during heavy rain. For support installing tiles and to avoid making mistakes with spacing and creating the right overhang, contact Roofsmart.

8. Secure the roof tiles correctly

Tiles can come loose over time and it’s important to secure them properly. Nail down the tiles properly making sure that the nails fix into the buttons securely, but don’t go in too deep. Otherwise this risks damaging the new boarding that you have laid.

9. Ensure you have sufficient tiles - and time!

Running out of tiles can be problematic if you have a half tiled roof and no tiles until new ones are delivered. Make sure to calculate enough tiles before tiling. It’s better to overestimate and be left with extra tiles rather than underestimate.

Having extra tiles is useful in case any damage is caused to tiles in the future. It’s also possible that you might crack or break the odd tile while roofing so having extra tiles handy will help.

10. Consider the UK weather when tiling your roof

We don’t recommend tiling your roof in bad weather. The summer months are often the best times to install roof tiles when it’s drier and less likely to rain. It’s best to tile a roof as quickly as possible and not drag the process out over several weeks. Leaving a roof exposed to the elements can cause damage to the property and risk further delays.

Having a team of people tiling your roof is often the best solution to ensure the job is done quickly.


Get professional help from expert tilers!

Installed properly, roof tiles can be a great addition to your house, but done badly, they can cause issues in the future with potential water ingress, loose tiles and safety risks. The best way to ensure your home is tiled correctly is to contact roof tiling experts. At Roofsmart, we have many years providing professional roof tiling services. Get in touch for a quote from us BEFORE you start planning to do it yourself!


If you would like help with roof tiling, call our roofers in Hertfordshire today on 01462 237 729

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