Moss and other debris can quickly build up on roof tiles, leading to potential damage, discolouration, and other side effects that can be the cause of damage to roof tiles. Even during periods of heavy rain, washed away moss can continue to be a pain as it either fills gutters that become blocked or lands on the ground creating surfaces that are slippery and messy.

In this article, we discuss why moss collects on roof tiles and provide tips on how to remove moss as well as how to stop moss from growing on roof tiles in the UK.

Why moss collects on roof tiles

Throughout the year, many bits of debris will land on a roof from nearby trees as well as from high winds and even birds carrying seeds, nest materials, twigs and other small objects, but nothing can collect on a roof quite as fast as moss.

Moss and algae grow faster when there is an absence of sunlight or in shaded areas that are exposed to damp. Moss loves feeding off roof tiles as well as shingles and roof slates and the roof is especially ideal for moss to grow due to the way a roof collects rainwater during a downpour.

Should you remove moss from roof tiles?

Yes, you should! Even if moss doesn’t appear on some parts of a roof, it’s worth cleaning a roof properly to remove areas where moss has started to grow, but it isn’t yet visible.

Moss retains water and if left on a roof for long periods, it can cause damage including cracks to tiles. It also likes to grow in connecting areas and can weaken the bond where cement and other materials are used to hold roof joins together.

The build-up of moss can also increase damp within a house and impact utility bills during the winter months.

How do you remove moss from roof tiles?

There are various ways to remove moss from roof tiles and other parts of the roof, but we recommend contacting a professional roofing company that has the tools and expertise.

Cleaning a roof yourself can be dangerous especially if you are not a professional roofer or roof tile cleaner. But if you are sure you want to do it yourself then make please do ensure you use all the best quality safety equipment and take great measures to ensure that ladders and other equipment are safely positioned so they cannot slip. Never clean roof tiles on your own, just in case you slip and require immediate help.

Brushes and gutter tools are available that connect to extension poles so that you can reach areas of a roof more easily. Moss removal solutions are also available which can be sprayed on to a roof to remove and kill off any moss.


If you would like help with removing moss from your roof, call our roofers in Hertfordshire today.


How do you stop moss from growing on roof tiles in the UK?

The British climate is perfect for moss growth, especially during the winter months, but it is possible to remove moss and stop it from growing for a while.

At RoofSmart, we use a process of cleaning and sealing your roof so that moss stays away for as long as possible and, while we can’t guarantee that moss will never come back, our unique approach and materials we use help insulate tiles from future growth for years to come.

The benefits of stopping moss from growing on roof tiles include:

  • Maintain the value of your home with a better-looking roof
  • Protection of roof tiles from damage
  • Reduced damp and the risk of higher utility bills
  • It’s healthier! Less chance of mould and other bacteria entering a home through the roof
  • Increased roof life

For help with removing tile moss and stopping it from growing on your roof, get in touch today.