Left on their own without any care, gutters can quickly become full of debris including leaves, twigs, moss and anything else the surrounding environment can throw at them and, unfortunately, a blocked gutter often leads to water escaping over the sides of the pipework and not reaching the drain or downpipe - which is designed to carry water away from the building structure.

To avoid localised puddles and damage to your building that can be caused as a result (including a strain on the gutter where water and debris gather), it’s important to keep gutters clear. Here are some top tips for keeping your gutter clean:

Clear the gutters at least twice a year

It’s recommended to clear out your guttering twice a year. The more debris you can remove from the guttering the less frequently you will need to clear it but cleaning out your gutters twice a year in spring and then again in the autumn is a good habit to do.

Clear the roof tiles, if possible

Most debris originates on the roof and is washed into the gutter by rain so if you are able to clean the roof or at least remove large patches of moss that are on the roof then that will also help. You can also use a rake to remove leaves and large items that are loose. However, it's best to employ roofing experts to clean your roof tiles as they are trained in the appropriate health and safety.

Use the right gutter cleaning equipment and the right help

Buying a gutter cleaning tool with pole will help you to remove the build-up of debris from the gutters fairly easily although sometimes these tools don’t clear the gutters as well as you would hope and you may need to use a ladder to reach the gutters.

Make sure to use protective equipment and a ladder that’s safe and that’s also positioned properly. Rubber gloves and long sleeves are also recommended as well as a scoop tool that you can use to scoop out what you can.

If you are unsure or don’t want to do it yourself then for a reasonable fee, it’s worth hiring professional gutter cleaners who will safely clear your gutters for you.

At Roof Smart, we offer professional gutter cleaning, so please do get in touch with our roofers in Hertfordshire.

Cut back trees and other nearby objects

Tree branches that are close to your home are great depositors of leaves and sticks. If you have any trees that are nearby then trimming back the branches will help slow down how long it takes before your gutter needs clearing out again.

Unclog downpipes

We recommend covering downpipes with a filter that will catch rubbish and stop it from clogging up the downpipes. When clearing the gutter, you can then quickly remove the build-up of debris that has gathered around the filter but even when using a filter, there is still a risk that debris will fall through and will eventually block the pipe. Clearing out the downpipe will help speed up the flow of water away from the gutter and reduce the risk of blocked water overflowing.

Flush out the gutters

After you have cleared the gutters, it’s good practice to use a hosepipe and flush out any bits you have missed with water. This also helps to identify if there are any leaks or damage to the guttering that might need to be repaired.

Save time and get it done professionally

At Roof Smart, we believe it’s important to keep guttering clear to avoid damage to the property infrastructure including the fascias and roof itself. Regularly cleaning guttering can be a hassle. If you would like your gutters cleared, why not leave it to the professionals. For stress-free clear gutters call our roofers today.