Although the life of a roof can depend on the type of roof you have installed, it should still last a long time. But how can you tell if a roof needs replacing or fixing? Here are some telltale signs:

Damaged or worn looking tiles 

There are many ways to spot a roof that needs repairing. Tiled roofing might show signs of damage with the tiles curling upwards at the edges or one or more tiles are cracked. Other signs might include bald patches or lost colour where the granules are missing.

Algae or blackened areas can also be signs that the roof is damaged, possibly due to poor ventilation.

A generally worn appearance 

You may not need to look closely for marks to see if your roof needs repairing. By looking at the roof, compared to other similar properties in the area,  you will be able to quickly tell if your roof is worn and beginning to age! The challenge in this situation is taking the time to consciously do a comparison. The appearance of a roof changes slowly over time and it’s easy to get used to seeing the roof in a worn state without actually noticing how bad it has become. Doing a comparison helps to put the condition of your roof into perspective.

The age of your roof 

A roof that has been looked after might still look like it’s in good condition but that might not mean that it is in good condition! Whether or not it is, it’s worth having your roof checked by an expert if it is more than 20 years old.

What’s the neighbour up to? 

This might seem a little bit ‘peeping Tom’ but houses are typically built in batches at a similar time period within a specific area - and using similar materials and designs. They are also going to have suffered the same weather conditions over time.

If one or more of your neighbours are having work done to their roof then it could be that your roof is also in need of repair - or it soon will be.

Interior telltale signs 

A damaged roof can leak rainwater into the property as well as be a poor insulator for keeping heat in. If your home is showing signs of mould, cracks or has a general damp smell then it could be from water leaking into the property.

How we can help 

There are many different types of roofing on houses and it’s highly recommended to seek professional advice on what’s best for your roof. Here at Roof Smart Ltd we believe that maintaining your roof is the key to a longer lasting roof.

We believe that even conducting the smallest of roofing repairs such as replacing one broken tile can prevent future problems and bigger bills, we specialise in roof maintenance from cleaning gutters to re pointing ridge tiles and chimney repairs.

It is also important to ensure your gutters stay clean to prevent blockage issues and also prevent damp or mould issues!

Get in touch with our roof repair contractors

At Roofsmart, we have many years of experience providing delighted customers with roof repairs and replacements. In many circumstances, we are able to quickly identify what the issues are and what needs to be done. If you would like a free review of your roof, along with some tips for looking after your roof then get in touch with our roofers in Hertfordshire today.