Have a leaking flat roof? Here are FAQs on flat roof repairs.

Do you have a leaky flat roof?

Maybe you have one that needs repairing or enhancing - or maybe you are looking at having a new flat roof installed. Whatever the situation, here are your questions answered regarding flat roofs.

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The time to repair a flat roof is when you notice leaks or damage.

You should also repair it if you notice that the roof is sagging, or has a water buildup. We recommend that homeowners have their roofs inspected by a professional at least once every year to ensure that there are no issues with the structure or roofing materials.

Another consideration is the age of the roof. If your roof isn’t leaking and is over 20 years old then we recommend having it inspected regularly. It could be that there is unknown damage to the roof that needs fixing before it becomes a major issue.

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The cost of repairing a flat roof in the UK varies depending on factors such as the size of the roof, materials used, and the condition of the roof.

The average cost for a flat roof repair is about £2,000 although this can be much lower for a minor leak repair. Re-roofing does, however, cost a lot more depending on the size of the property.

Repairing a flat roof typically involves removing the old material and rebuilding the surface with new materials.

We won’t go into the details here as the process varies depending on the type of roof repairs and how bad the damage is. It should, however, be done by professional contractors who have experience in repairing flat roofs.

While flat roof repairs could be done yourself, it risks reducing the longevity of the roof if it isn’t done professionally, or the highest-quality materials aren’t used.

In reality, flat roofs aren’t truly flat and this is how rainwater is prevented from sitting on a flat roof. Flat roofs are usually slightly sloped so that rainwater can drain into the gutters.

When replacing or repairing a flat roof, it’s important to consider protection from the elements such as wind, snow and heavy rain.

The roof must be installed at the right angle so that rainwater and melting snow can drain off easily while proper insulation is required to insulate your property from frost and cold winters.

Roof insulation installers can help you ensure your property is kept as warm and cosy throughout the winter as possible.

Your roof should also be sturdy and robust enough to cope with high winds without causing any damage.

If you need flat roof repairs or are interested in having a new roof or having your existing one repaired, get in touch. We are also roof insulation installers.

Should I consider re-roofing or just repairing the roof?

We can’t provide a definitive answer as it very much depends on your circumstances. If you have a small leak then it’s most likely that you only need your roof repaired.

If, however, your roof is old and there is considerable damage then it would make sense in the long-term to consider re-roofing.

Re-roofing can reduce the hassle and further costs down the line that come from further repairs as older or previously damaged roofs are more prone to damage in the future.

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