Which gutter is best for my home?

Types of guttering

There are many styles of guttering for homes available. Gutter styles differ in size and shape. We’ll explain some of them here and if you’d like to speak with one of our gutters and downpipes installers, please fill in the form at the end and we’ll contact you back – or call us on 01462 237 729 and we’ll be happy to help.

Open gutters

The most common type of gutter used today is the open gutter which comes in standard lengths or roll formed seamless gutters which must be installed by a guttering installation contractor. Most residential gutters come in 5 inch and 6 inch and are made of either aluminium, steel, zinc, vinyl or copper and are a standard ‘K’ style.

If you are choosing guttering and matching downpipes for your home or commercial property here are some styles that you may like to think about before purchasing.

Half round gutters and downpipes

As the name suggests these gutters are half round and shaped like a semicircle. Half round gutters are fitted so they hang from the roof. Even though you may recognise this type of guttering they are not very common as they don’t usually work very well. Half round gutters can overflow easily particularly if the roof is not level all they have been fitted badly. However, if they are fitted correctly and cleaned regularly then you should be problem free.
See gutter cleaning for more information.

Box gutters and downpipes

Box gutters are rain gutters on a roof that are rectangular in shape. Box gutters can be metal or plastic and lined with EPDM rubber (see also flat roofs with EPDM rubber), metal or roofing felt and may be concealed behind the parapet or the eaves of a roof. Box gutters are usually used as the guttering system for conservatories.

Fascia gutters and downpipes

Fascia gutters are deeper and less round than half round gutters. Again as the name suggests they are attached to the fascia boards of a house. Fascia gutters are often custom-made gutters that are fixed to the ends of the rafters. They perform the function of the fascia board and most commonly found outside the UK. They are also called speciality seamless gutters. This type of gutter is usually made of plastic.

K-Style gutters and downpipes

K Style gutters have a ridged crown moulding design giving them a pleasing appearance to the property. They are the most common type of gutter in the UK and are excellent at draining water. They are great to keep the leaves and debris out and are easy to install and maintain. Although this is not a problem in the UK these are not recommended for those who regularly get snow as this can clog up the guttering if not cleared out. K style gutters are usually made from plastic or vinyl.

UPVC, vinyl and plastic gutters and downpipes

UPVC, vinyl and plastic gutters and downpipes are a practical option for those who would rather not invest in the more expensive metal guttering options. UPVC guttering is lightweight and easy to install which makes it the cheapest guttering used in the UK. However, Vinyl gutters and downpipes are susceptible to ultraviolet rays and may discolour. And plastic gutters and downpipes may lack the integrity of metal gutters. In addition, plastic gutters and downpipes can crack in colder climates and can be damaged by heavy ladders if care is not taken. UPVC guttering has many pros and probably more pros and cons. It can be produced in lots of different profiles including half round gutters, ogee profile gutters, square line gutters, deep flow gutters but if you need a different size shape or colour just ask us and we can source and install them for you.

Aluminium guttering and downpipes

Aluminium guttering and downpipes replaced wooden guttering (which, as you can imagine would rot quickly and was used in older style buildings before plastic was available). Aluminium guttering has a long lifespan, can look good on properties and has low maintenance. Aluminium guttering can be made in lots of different profiles including ogee profile gutters, half round gutters, box gutters and even cast-iron effect aluminium guttering.

Help with gutters

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