Roof Repairs

There are many different circumstances when your property needs a roof repair and the complexity depends on the type of building and roof that you have.

Roof Smart Ltd caters for all types of roofing works and believes no job is too big or small. Our professional team of roofers are always on hand to assist you with your roofing enquiries. Below is an overview of the various types of roof repairs that we can help you with - and at very competitive rates!

Tile and Slate Replacements

Over time, tiles and slates on a roof can become broken while some will become dislodged. We offer a complete roof tiling service including the replacement of missing and cracked tiles or slates as well as preventing future issues by ensuring that any that are loose are more firmly attached.

In addition to causing damage to other parts of your roof and property, missing and cracked tiles can also make a home look run down. Improve the appearance of your property and give us a call now for a quote and advice.

We repair standard tiles, stone tiles and slate tiles.

Roof Leaks

If your roof is leaking then there is a risk of damp and mould inside your home or office. This can be especially damaging during periods of heavy rainfall. We help ensure you have a comfy, healthy environment by repairing leaky roofs.

Even if the leak is small, it’s worth considering repairing the roof before the issue gets worse. Small leaks can still let in a lot of water over time, causing costly damage to the structure, fixtures and fittings of your property. Fixing a roof leak as quickly as possible can avoid costs and hassle in the future.

Felt and Batten Repairs

Although felt should last at least 10 years (and in many circumstances beyond 30 years) it can still become damaged. We provide repairs and replacement of felt and battens to ensure your property is insulated and protected from the rain.

Lead Flashing Repairs

In modern buildings, lead flashing helps to reduce water penetrating vulnerable areas such as chimneys and vent pipes. Unfortunately, lead flashing can split or tear over time and may need to be repaired.

We can provide just lead flashing repairs or include repairs as part of a full roof repair including slates, felt and other roof components.

Re-Bedding & Pointing of Verge Tiles and Ridge Cap Repairs

Ridge caps are another important roof component when it comes to keeping out rain and snow as they cover vulnerable areas where two points on a roof meet. We offer re-bedding and pointing of tiles as well as replacing and repairing any broken or missing ridge caps.

Chimney Repairs

Make sure your chimney is working properly and is safe with our help! We provide chimney repairs throughout the year although it’s worth making sure your chimney is safe and working properly before winter arrives!

UPVC Fascias and Soffits

Whether it’s replacement or fixing, we can help make sure your home looks its best with great looking fascias and soffits. We can also provide repairs along with cleaning of gutters.

Gutter & Roof Cleaning

Moss, sticks, mud, leaves - it’s amazing what you will find clogging up a gutter. Over time all sorts of things can be washed into the gutters from the roof, thanks to the rain. We help stop water overflowing in gutters on to the ground below by cleaning out gutters as well as the roof which is where most of the bits come from.

Cleaning guttering can be dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment. Let us do it for you either as a one-off or on a regular basis.

Valley Repairs & Replacement

The roof valley is that part of the roof where two sloping roofs come together. Because of its shape, they have to deal with a lot of rainwater which has to be directed into a gutter.

They are also prone to leaking, especially during heavy rainfall. If you need help with valley repairs, get in touch.

Flat Roofing Repairs

Flat roofs can become damaged over time or as a result of having standing water on the roof for too long. Make sure your flat roof isn’t leaking and ask our roofers for advice.

Velux Window Replacement

As well as roofs, gutters and fascias we also provide support for Velux windows. If your Velux window is leaking or just needs replacing, then get in touch.

Skylight Replacement

Skylights can really lighten up parts of a room, but they can be a problem if they are leaking snow or rainwater. If it’s time to upgrade your skylight then why not give us a call to discuss the options available to you.

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