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If you are looking to freshen up or change your roof appearance, then Roof Smart can help. At Roof Smart, we have extensive experience in all types of roof tiling, whether your property requires a complete re-roof or just one or two tiles replaced to fix a leak.

Roof tiling benefits

There are various benefits to using roof tiles for your roof:

  • Improved appearance to the outside of a property
  • Protection to the rest of the property from moisture and bad weather
  • Low long-term costs compared to some other roofing solutions
  • Warmer properties in the winter; cooler in the summer months

Quality roofing - at a price you can afford

When using our tiling services, be assured that you are getting the best quality service and materials at competitive prices. We only use roofing materials of the highest quality which meet the British Board of Agreement - and all materials are sourced directly from market-leading brands such as Redland, Marley, Eternit and Sandtoft. We are also able to source re-claimed clay roof tiles.

Handling and laying roof tiles requires care and our team of qualified professionals understand the importance of having the highest quality finish for your home.

If you would like to find out more about our roof tiling services, give our friendly team a call today for your FREE no-obligation quotation - We won’t be beaten on price!!

What types of roof tiles are there?

Roof tiles are one of the best ways to make a house look great, and it’s because of this that they are the most popular type of domestic roofing material in the UK today.

Great looking roof tiles don’t just make a property look stunning, they are also vital to protecting a property throughout the year from various weather conditions such as high winds, rain and snow.

To ensure the highest quality, there are three main materials used in producing a roof tile:

  • Clay tiles
  • Concrete tiles
  • Slate tiles

Roof Smart is able to provide you with the perfect tiles for your property, thanks to our extensive experience in all types of roof tiling and thanks to our partnerships with some of the best tile suppliers in the UK such as Redland, Marley, Eternit and Sandtoft.

Upkeep, cost and sustainability

Roof tiling by Roof Smart in HertfordshireAs well as upfront costs, it’s important to consider ongoing costs when deciding on what roof type to have - and this is where roof tiles excel!

Because tiles last a long time, a tiled roof has one of the lowest life-cycle costs of any type of roofing material. In fact, centuries-old roof tiles are still in evidence today.

Roof tiles are also relatively easy and low cost to repair as individual tiles that have fallen away or become damaged can be easily replaced.

Concrete and clay tile roofs are a permanent solution for your roof and are intended to last the lifetime of the home that they protect.

Although there is an initial cost to install a new tiled roof, when looked at across its lifespan a tile roof is one of the cheapest roof options available.

Concrete and clay tile roofs also help to keep houses warm in winter and cool in summer due to natural air ventilation under the tile.

This design allows air to circulate better which results in a natural heat barrier in the winter and for cooler air to flow through it in the warmer summer months.

Caring for the environment

Searching for eco-friendly roof tiles? In Hertfordshire, out expert tilers know al there is to know about tiling a roof, and you'll be pleased to find out the majority of roof tiles are also environmentally friendly. The materials required to produce eco-friendly tiles do not deplete scarce natural resources, and they do not contain any chemical preservatives. Their long life also reduces their carbon footprint as there is less need for re-roofing.

Most of the materials used can also be recycled, reducing the pressure on already clogged up landfill sites.

Plain Tiles

One of the best methods of tiling a pitched roof is using the plain tile.  Plain tiles are available in both concrete and clay as well as in a variety of sizes and colours.

Clay tiles are less porous than concrete tiles, and therefore less prone to staining. They are also more durable than their concrete equivalent.  Concrete tiles are typically cheaper and are often designed to look like clay tiles both in colour and texture.

Profile Tiles

Profile tiles are a great way to add a traditional look to your property with profile tile designs such as Pantile, Roman, Double Roman and Regent. To find out more about the various profile tile designs, give Roof Smart a call.

Other options include interlocking clay or concrete tiles, with a distinct ridged profile which gives a very unique and specific appearance to the property.

The weight of the tiles is often a consideration when re-tiling an existing roof, with concrete tiles on average being 40% heavier than their equivalent clay tile.

Matching existing tiles

Sometimes it can be a challenge for our customers to find replacement tiles that match the current design of the roof. Especially with the longevity of roof tiles!

If you have damaged tiles that need replacing, we can help. Roof Smart has an established network of suppliers to source various different styles of roof files, including older tiles that are no longer widely available.

If you are looking for replacement tiles to match your existing roof, give Roof Smart a call today. We would love to help!


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