Flat Roofing

Advantages of flat roofs

You may be asking why have a flat roof compared to a pitched roof and what are the advantages of both.

Here we will highlight some of the main points and advantages and disadvantages of pitched and flat roofing.

Flat Roofs Versus Pitched Roofs

A flat roof is not actually totally flat. Flat roofs have a slight pitch of a couple of degrees so that rain water can drain away. A flat roof should have a gradient of at least 1 in 80 to allow rainwater run-off and have a decking of Marine or WBP plywood. If your flat roof is shallower than this or decked with something like chipboard it will be prone to leaking. Always employ professional roofers, like Roof Smart, to install your flat roof.

If you are considering an extension to your property and wondered if a flat roof is better than a pitched roof you may need to first consider the amount of space you have for the extension. A pitched roof (falling away from the rear of the property) may not be possible for an extension measuring, say, 4.5m depth. The minimum recommended pitched roof is 15 degrees, so you would need to take into account the geometry of a pitched roof and also allow for the thickness of the roof timbers, tiles or slates, etc.

Another option could be a double pitched roof. With this type of roof, it falls to each of your neighbours, if your property is mid-terrace for example. However, you may also need to consider how the rainwater run-off is managed at the boundaries.

Flat Roofing

A flat roof gives a generous internal ceiling height and there are many roof light options available that we can discuss with you. If you have a large extension you will need to consider feeding light into the existing rear rooms, so they are not too dark.

Flat roofs are cheaper than pitched roofs and use less materials and labour. Using good quality GRP [cold liquid applied fibreglass] or single ply membrane will give your flat roof a minimum 25-year lifespan using these modern materials. One area to also consider is the age of the building and style of the roof if your property is a listed building. You may prefer a tiled pitched roof with a gable end that could be more in keeping - depending on the property - however flat roofs with a roof lantern can look stunning!

For advice and ideas on the best solution for your flat roof or pitched roof extension or reroofing just give us a call or fill in the enquiry form below and we will get back to you.

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