New roofs

Planning a new roof can be a major building project for any household to undertake. Here at Roof Smart Ltd, our highly skilled estimators can organise every detail for you, from collecting sample tiles/slates and other materials for your viewing to organising the process and contacting the local council for the building notice.

When thinking about a new roof, here are some things to consider:


Depending on the area to be covered, the costs for a new roof can vary quite a lot but it should be considered a wise investment. New design roofs installed by experts such as Roof Smart are a lot more efficient than older designs and can help to keep heating costs down - as well as improve the overall comfort level in your home as temperatures are more stable.

A new roof will also make your home more attractive when selling and is especially appealing as it helps to protect the structure of a home from different weather conditions.

Health benefits of having a new roof

Old roofs are prone to leaking water and causing damp in a home as well as letting the heat out quicker. A new roof can help prevent illness and poor health caused by moisture and cold building up inside your home.

Materials used in new roofs

There are various materials to choose from when it comes to replacing your roof from traditional roof tiles and slate roof tiles to thatched roofing and state of the art EPDM roof covering. Each type has different benefits and we are happy to advise you fully on the different options.

Shape and design of roofs

Changing the roof on an existing building doesn’t mean you have to stick with the same shape or design. Your options may be limited by the shape of the building, but you might be able to replace your pitched roof with a flat roof or have different tiling to make your house look more attractive.

There are also other options such as adding a skylight for more light. Get in touch with our roofers in Hertfordshire if you would like to explore your roof options in more detail.

Guttering and downpipes

Damaged guttering or lack of guttering can cause rain damage issues to a property and its surrounding area - especially during periods of a heavy downpour! Installed correctly, guttering can help protect your home and make it look great as well. Contact us to understand the various guttering options for your new roof.

At Roof Smart Ltd, we specialise in all types of roofing so whether it's a new build or an extension to your existing house Roof Smart's team of friendly qualified roofers are always on hand to make sure you get the perfect roof for your property.

We are also certified in EPDM Rubber roofing installations and believe that this product is the future of flat roofing. With its unmatched 35 years of guarantee, having an EPDM flat roof means years of no worry for our clients.


Peace of mind

When using Roof Smart, you can have full peace of mind. We have a £5,000,000 public liability cover in place as well as a highly trained team of roof designers and installers. To obtain a free estimate please contact our friendly team today by filling in the form below.

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