Roof Maintenance

Here at Roof Smart Ltd we believe that keeping your roof and gutters well maintained is the key to a leak-free and dry future for your household.

Fascias, Soffits and Guttering

We specialise in all types of fascia, soffit and guttering replacements. We would highly recommend replacing your timber fascias and soffits with a new UPVC plastic fascia, soffits and guttering system as they are rot-free and easy to maintain guaranteeing a very long life expectancy. See fascia and soffit installers for more info

Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping your gutters clean through regular maintenance is the key to preventing heavy build up of leaf and tree debris. This type of buildup is likely to cause damp that will make its way through to the ceilings leading to mould and eventual timber rot and decay. See gutter cleaning for more info 

Cement and Mortar Repairs and Maintenance

Do you think you may need chimney repairs? Chimneys, Ridge Caps, Verges Tiles and Valleys on your roof which are cemented, can crack and cause issues over time. Our friendly professional team are always on hand to advise our clients if their chimney, ridge caps, verge tiles or valleys may need re-bedding or re-pointing. In some cases we will recommend installing a new dry ridge and verge system to prevent any further issues and ensure a low maintenance future.

Roof Cleaning

Build up of heavy moss to your roof can cause serious problems, it can eventually grow between the water courses to your tiles and slates. If the moss becomes thick enough it can eventually block water from travelling down the channels of the tiles into your gutters causing it to back up and enter your roof creating a leak. Roof Smart Ltd has a heavy duty pressure washer and will treat the moss on your roof and wash it away, renewing the look of your roof. If you are experiencing moss build up call Roof Smart Ltd today!  

Roof Tile and Slate Repairs and Maintenance

Tiles and slates can wear and crack over time. As soon as an issue is identified, we highly recommend replacing these roof tiles and roof slates as they can cause serious issues to your roof. It these issues are left unattended they will likely lead to more damage and as a result will become more costly to repair or replace. Roof Smart Ltd believes no job is too big or small and are happy to change just one tile if required. See roof repairs for more info

Yearly Roof Inspections

Roof Smart Ltd offers a yearly roof inspection where we will come out to your property once a year and give you a full roof report for a small fee. Our roof inspection fee includes changing of up to five tiles/slates or any other small roofing maintenance required within reason - Call Roof Smart Ltd today for more details!

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