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Roof Smart Ltd has extensive experience in all types of roof tiling, whether you require a full re-roof or just one or two tiles replaced to fix a leak.  Roof TIling

All roofing materials we use are of the highest quality, which meet the British Board of Agreement and direct from market leading brands such as Redland, Marley, Eternit and Sandtoft. We are also able to source re-claimed clay roof tiles. We take ultimate care in all the tiling work we do which ensures the highest quality finish. Call our friendly team today for your FREE no obligation quotation - We wont be beaten on price!!

About Roof Tiling

Roof tiles are the most popular type of domestic roofing material in the UK. There are two main materials used in producing a roof tile:

  • Clay
  • Concrete

Roof Smart has extensive experience in all types of roof tiling, and work with some of the best tile suppliers such as Redland, Marley, Eternit and Sandtoft. We can therefore offer our customers the perfect tile for their property. 

Upkeep, cost and sustainability

A tiled roof has one of the lowest life-cycle costs of any type of roofing material. This is due in part to the longevity of the roof tile – centuries old roof tiles are still in evidence today.

Concrete and clay tile roofs are a permanent solution for your roof, and are intended to last the lifetime of the home they protect. Although there is an initial cost to install a new tile roof, when looked at across its lifespan a tile roof is one of the cheapest roof options available.

They have the ability to keep houses warm in winter and cool in summer due to the natural air ventilation under the tile, which allows for air circulation and a produces a natural heat transfer barrier.

Tiles are environmentally positive products. The materials required to produce tiles do not deplete scarce natural resources, and they do not contain any chemical preservatives. Their long life reduces the need for re-roofing, and avoids clogging landfills, as most tile waste can be recycled.

Plain Tiles

One of the best methods of tiling a pitched roof is the plain tile.  Plain tiles are available in both concrete and clay - in a variety of sizes, and indeed in a variety of colours. Clay tiles are less porous than concrete tiles, and therefore less prone to staining, they are also more durable than their concrete equivalent.  Concrete tiles are usually a slighter cheaper option, and are often designed to look like clay tiles both in colour and texture.

Profile Tiles

Pantile, Roman, Double Roman and Regent are among the traditional profile tile designs. Interlocking clay or concrete tiles, with a distinct ridged profile which gives a specific ‘look’. The weight of the tiles is often a consideration when re-tiling an existing roof, with concrete tiles on average being 40% heavier than their equivalent clay tile. 

Matching existing tiles

Roofsmart have a good network of suppliers to source older tiles to match your existing roof.  So if you are looking for a few extra tiles make sure you call us.

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Talk to RoofSmart about the options available if you are thinking of a complete new roof – our experts will be pleased to help. If you need check-up for an existing roof, or a few tiles replaced – just give us a call on 01462 237 729 or fill out the form below and we'll contact you back asap.

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